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Is it a Good Idea to Negotiate with the Insurance Company on Your Own?

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We don’t want you to get ripped off and left in dire straights because you were tricked into taking an early settlement offer from the insurance company.

When you’ve been injured because of another’s careless actions, it can leave you reeling and in a significant financial pinch. The negligent party and their insurance company know exactly how devastating a personal injury is to the average person. Personal injuries often involve extensive time off work and expensive medical and therapy bills. If you’re self-employed, you don’t have access to workers’ comp or lost wages benefits through an employer to help you weather the storm. A personal injury can ruin your financial goals and your ability to keep a roof over your head. The insurance companies will look to settle with you asap, hoping that you will take their measly offer out of fear and thoughts of scarcity.

At Miller & Hopp Attorneys at Law, we’ve seen just how shady the insurance companies can be when talking to our car accident clients. We don’t want you to get ripped off and left in dire straights because you were tricked into taking an early settlement offer from the insurance company. The extent of your injuries the amount of damages you suffer are often not apparent for weeks or months after a car crash. If you’ve been injured in a wreck, contact Miller & Hopp Attorneys at Law today to explore your options for a lawsuit. There’s no fee unless we get money for your personal injury claim.

If your injuries are small, isn’t it best to settle immediately?

Immediately after a car wreck, your injuries might indeed seem “small,” but they can and often do get worse. What may feel like just a sore or tight lower back a week after the wreck could actually be a fractured vertebra. Stiff shoulders can be indicative of a more extensive whiplash injury, and hitting your head off the window can result in a traumatic brain injury, the symptoms of which may not show up until several weeks after the incident.

No matter how small your injuries seem in the days after a car accident, you need to follow up with your doctors and undergo the necessary medical tests. Extensive injuries often only become apparent through body imaging scans and medical exams, and it can be weeks before you can get in to see a specialist and get a proper diagnosis. Furthermore, you may not always know precisely how much physical and talk therapy you will need right after a wreck. You’re entitled to compensation from the negligent party!

Bottom line? The insurance company is not your friend. They don’t make money fairly compensating accident victims for their injuries. They get profit by selling policies and collecting premiums. Don’t let the insurance company bully you and give you far less than what you deserve. Give our experienced legal team a call today. We’ll give you personalized, quick care and answers to all of your questions related to insurance, personal injury claims, and what you can do to alleviate your financial hardship while we wait for a fair and appropriate offer from the insurance company.

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