Wildfire Property Claim – How to Deal With Your Insurance Company

Oregon Wildfire

Remember that your insurance company is not your friend. Insurance adjusters work for the insurer, not you.

If you’re worried that your insurance company may delay your payment or deny your wildfire damage property claim, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you maximize your chances of success – and have a strong case to bring to a lawyer in case something goes wrong.

Follow these tips to make sure you deal with your insurance company properly after you file your wildfire damage property claim.

  1. Document & Log Every Interaction With Your Insurance Company – First and foremost, you should create a logbook or diary where you log every interaction you have with your insurer – from in-person visits to phone calls, emails, and other communications. This helps you track your claim’s timeframe and ensure you can keep track of its status over time.
  2. Start Building A Paper Trail – Verbal agreements are not enough. After you talk to a person from the insurance company in-person or on the phone, send a follow-up in writing asking them to confirm what you talked about and the promises or representations made to you by the insurer. This can help you avoid difficult situations where it’s your word against the insurance company. Never underestimate the value of proper documentation when negotiating a settlement or entering a court case.
  3. Be as Proactive as Possible When Filing Your Claim – Never delay in filing your claim. Make sure to provide your insurer with proof of your losses and request the amount you’re owed – you don’t just have to wait for the adjuster to tell you what the insurance company owes you.
  4. Don’t Vent Frustrations or Anger At Your Insurance Company – Remember, everything you’re doing and saying is being noted by your insurer, too. Avoid acting frustrated, or doing things that could potentially make you seem uncooperative, or give anyone the impression that you’re the source of the problems with your claim.
  5. Remember That Your Insurance Company Is Not Your Friend – Insurance adjusters work for the insurer, not you. They may be helpful and friendly, but remember that you’re involved in a business transaction with your insurer – maintain a professional distance from insurance adjusters and other representatives of the insurance company.

Get Help From An Attorney!

If you are experiencing delays or are worried that your claim may be denied, you should be proactive and get experienced legal representation.

With the help of Miller & Hopp Attorneys At Law, you’ll be able to navigate the complexities of your Oregon wildfire property damage claim more effectively – and if your claim is denied, you and your lawyer can work together to get the compensation you deserve. Contact us now for a free case review and get the help you need with your wildfire claim.